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Valders Veterinary Clinic 

As a cherished member of your family, your pet deserves nothing less than the most advanced, compassionate veterinary care available. At Valders Veterinary Clinic, the depth of our commitment to your pet's health and well being is matched only by the breadth of our services and amenities.

We maintain a diverse team of veterinarian specialists, with wide ranging interests and areas of expertise. Our staff receives ongoing education and training in the latest advancements in veterinary care, while our modern facilities are fully equipped with the most recent technological innovations.

Better Living For Your Pets

Our dedicated, experienced staff provides comprehensive health and wellness services for dogs, cats, and many other small companion animals. We offer complete pet health care services to make sure your pets stay happy and healthy including physical examination, veterinary X-ray facilities, dental treatment, and diagnostic procedures. Whether you have a new pet, or your companion is starting to feel his age, Valders Veterinary Clinic will provide you with the latest cutting edge technologies in veterinary medicine and treatment.

At Valders Veterinary Clinic, our exacting standards of care have never wavered. Our uncompromising ideals ensure your pet's optimum health and longevity, give you peace of mind, and provide a better quality of life for both you and your pet!

Preventative Care Can Keep Your Pet Healthier Longer

Regular check-ups and vaccinations not only encourage optimum health and help prevent illness, they also give our staff great insight into your pet's unique needs. Valders Veterinary Clinic offers wellness examinations, vaccinations, flea & tick prevention, and dietary counseling to help your pet companion maintain a better quality of life.


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